Why Chose Gary Weller Painting

Here are some of the very important reasons you want to chose Gary Weller to complete your painting needs in Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania.


Gary Well Painting and all of our employees are....


  • Licensed


  • Insured


  • Citizens of the United States.


Many people hiring contractors believe that they are covered on a legal and insurance basis if the contractor carries insurance, this is not always true. Each individual who works in your home or business must be covered by insurance and must be a "legal" worker, otherwise you may find yourself facing some legal consequences or claims against your homeowners insurance policy.


This is not a concern with Gary Weller Painting. We assure that all of our employees are covered by insurance and have the right to work in the United States.


With all this in mind, give us a call today at 610.367.4840 for a free quote.




Gary Weller Painting

200 Congo Road, Gilbertsville, PA • 610.367.4840

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