A Family-run Home Painting Business since 1978  

Gary Weller Painting is a family run business founded in 1978 in Gilbertsville, a small town in eastern Pennsylvania approximately an hour south of Philadelphia. Over the past 30 years, Gary Weller Painting has painted over 20,000 homes throughout Pennsylvania. We have painted numerous schools, churches, fire companies, post offices, factories and thousands of residential homes in the process.


We offer a full list of references and actual customer testimonials, along with thousands of pictures of our work. Gary Weller Painting is one of the few painting companies in which the owners of the company still do all their own estimates. The task is sometimes daunting, but we refuse to hire outside estimators to do our work. We believe that this will keep bids consistent and fair, and allow us to build a more personal relationship with our customers. We believe that the key in building long-term clientele is getting to know our customer's and building a friendship which is much more important than building just a professional relationship.

Gary Weller painting refuses to leave any job, or allow to be paid for that matter, until you are completely satisfied with the job. Gary Weller Painting was built on their name, relying heavily on word-of-mouth business for numerous years and we will stop at nothing to ensure that our name will stay that way. We believe in doing excellent work at an excellent price, while matching any company pound for pound for professionalism and quality.


We look forward to working with you.






Gary Weller Painting

200 Congo Road, Gilbertsville, PA • 610.367.4840

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